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Dlighted Datafit Podcast

Data, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence… All these topics are constantly in the media right now and drive everything in our lives. Tizian and Simon are interviewing data experts in these fields and go on a learning journey with you. They asked them about the data future, their work and how you can start your own data journey and become #datafit.   What does it mean to be datafit? How do you build data competences and become data literate? Is the future auf AI positive or negative? How do you prepare for a new way of work?   The dlighted datafit podcast by Tizian Kronsbein & Simon Frey

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Luis Serra Díaz-Cano
“Data Literacy to me is to understand how much data you create yourself as you interact with social networks and digital media. Also, data literacy is how you can get information from the data. Your cellphone has a lot of information, but a lot of people don’t know how to get the information or to interpret it.”

— Luis Serra Díaz-Cano

Lead Data Scientist at TIGNUM - Episode #2